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David Shaw - confident

David Shaw’s Political Platform as Mayor of Mississauga


1. 0% Property Tax Increase for 2023

2. Small Businesses and Their Families Are Essential!

I Will Not Lock You Down.

3. Stop Wasteful Spending of Your Tax Dollars:

A. It is a waste of taxpayers’ money to rename Dundas St. when people are having trouble keeping roofs over their heads, food on the table & keeping their businesses from going into bankruptcy. We could use that money to support our local food banks which have seen a huge increase in usage due to the questionable lockdowns.

B. Constant re-branding of the Mississauga transit system

C. Nonsensical changing of the City logo

4. Affordable Housing

5. City-Sponsored Annual Indigenous Day

6. Demand More Food Bank Support from Federal & Provincial Governments

7. End All Covid Mandates

8. I Do Not Support Digital ID

9. I Do Not Support a Cashless Society

10. I Will Work for You, the People of Mississauga. I Will Be Your Voice in the Mayor’s Office.

Support & VOTE for David Shaw for Mayor of Mississauga in October!

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Click HERE for David Shaw’s Rumble page to hear his policies!